Author: David Iruoje
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price: ₦ 200
No. of Words: 52229
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  • Crimethriller
  • Afrosciencefiction
  • Afrofuturist
  • Satire
  • Mystery
  • Humour
  • Action

A TIME AMONG THE SHADOWS is a fusion of crime thriller and science fiction. Set in real world Nigeria, the entire events of the novel are set in motion as a result of a dimensional jump that goes horribly wrong: Inspector Joseph Osariemen is your average policeman; indifferent and inert. Things change when he encounters a seemingly supernatural killer while investigating the murder of a young girl. His desire to unravel the mystery turns him into a victim. One of many victims that a clandestine government agency known as S.E.A.D(Special Executions And Defense) is desperate to stop. A brilliant ex-policeman Alex Weyinmi(and a close friend to Inspector Joe), driven by vengeance, finds himself on the trail of the same enigmatic killer. A killer who can manipulate time and space. With help from a brilliant SEAD physicist, doctor Keziah, and the precognitive doctor Faith, Alex will come to realize the true meaning of evil and reality. The book also highlights issues of: police corruption, the place of choice in human existence, and the spiritual.
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  • Rouna This book left me speechless o! Hmmmmmmm it is notin short of excellent but why did u av to kill doctor faith na? It was painful abeg, all da same great work, more power to ur pen Mr David

    Reply Sep 6, 2018 9:36:04 AM
  • Oruade Magnificent work. A real page turner, very different and looks believable too. The villain reminds me of a xter in a book called Red dragon. Can't remember the author. For me, this book deserves to be out there among the very best

    Reply Sep 6, 2018 9:21:57 AM
  • OhiIgi This is a good story. Very good story. It has little of everything,,,,scary, suspense, funny, action, thriller.

    Reply Aug 14, 2018 4:51:10 PM
  • Softech A really interesting book. Sometimes while reading you can see the book like a movie. Great work, I recommend this book highly.

    Reply Aug 13, 2018 9:13:41 PM
  • A.Juwon Wow! I love the thrill, the action, the humour and the suspense! The first thing I like about this book is its Africaness, it not only expose the reality of its settings in Nigeria, it also expose the sociocultural context as well, what you'll rarely find in most novels. It is also afrofuturist as it portrays a time where Nigeria is also at the fore front of scientific innovation. The merging of science and spirituality is also amazing. The characters are real, funny and creepy; my favorite being the Nameless Watcher. There is something cool about him, a cool kind of evil-- the perfect description of Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal.' Winks. I enjoyed this. I really do.

    Reply Aug 12, 2018 12:20:46 AM