An Unexpected Match
Title: An Unexpected Match
Author: Areta Nwosu
Category: Romance
Language: English
Price: ₦ 1000
No. of Words: 111815
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Downloads: 48
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He's ended 6 relationships and broken off 2 engagements. It's her job to find him a new girlfriend but she wants him for herself. Big-hearted divorcee matchmaker, Farida Yusuf has a job to do. Find a match for her prestigious client: Kurt Achike, a half-Nigerian, half-German god with curly hair and a dimpled, bad boy smile. Kurt is of royal blood, first of the four heart-stoppingly attractive sons of infamous and controversial Zik Achike. There's no doubt that he is the kind of man most women would want. There's just one tiny problem. Kurt has a habit of breaking engagements. Nicknamed the Breaker of Hearts by the public, Kurt has broken off engagements to two women. And now he needs Farida's help. Farida has to find him a girlfriend, even though just the thought of him empties her lungs of air and leaves her breathless. But how will she ever be able to introduce him to another woman when she wants him for herself? Plus: adventures and scandals of the four infamous sons of Zik, a dog-napping, an illegitimate baby on the way, family secrets and a contract killer named Mr. Nuclear, a boat-trip to a drug kingpin's house... An Unexpected Match is a juicy, hard-to-put-down mix of drama, romance and suspense. This is the next book after Pool Party
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  • kamttaz Enjoying it is an understatement and it woke up something in me. Kudos

    Reply Nov 15, 2018 12:39:08 PM
  • bisola14 review totally enjoyed it, waiting for the remaining series

    Reply Apr 5, 2018 7:08:48 PM
  • snmtravelin Brilliant I enjoyed the story and didn't want it to finish. keep writing.

    Reply Mar 30, 2018 3:36:12 PM