But Why All This Grammar
Title: But Why All This Grammar
Author: Mallami Adekunle
Category: Poetry
Language: English
Price: ₦ 1000
No. of Words: 9249
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A thought provocative piece of writing artistry begging you to forget the usual and think outside the box. This poetry/prose collection show meanings to words in ways you’ve probably never viewed them, it takes the misconception out of these words and breathes an air of simplicity into them. Love, Hatred, Vision, Dreams, Politics and life in general have never been so exquisitely written. This is more than a book! It is perspective!!!
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Comments (4)

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  • Omodolapo1 ???????????? I have just three words to describe this piece\n1.Dynamic\n2.Simple\n3.Addictive!

    Reply Dec 2, 2017 10:36:57 PM
  • prisca_joks Wow. The writer is very articulate. This points out to various life sphere. This is definitely worth reading. Most especially the feminism part and all looking forward to more of your works.

    Reply Dec 2, 2017 6:59:43 AM
  • Dowa I have to say I was a bit skeptical when I first came across this book as I wasn't too familiar with the author, but I took a chance and now I'm glued to the pages of this book. There is this particular poem I liked about Beauty Queens it was thought provoking and yes "our future" which I think should be the new motto of feminism, "language barriers" and his expression of the global village was just so wowww!! and those are just some of my favorites, I'd never thought of this things this way before. I think what Mallam did with this book was toss out the conventional meaning of his chosen words and replaced them with his own uniqueness, which I think is the meaning of the title, forget the conventional grammar and think outside the box. Great read for me!

    Reply Nov 30, 2017 9:42:28 AM
  • Marhnii This is an amazing debut book. I expect greatness from this writer.

    Reply Nov 28, 2017 9:41:32 PM