Title: Gentle Wild
Author: Karo Oforofuo
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price: ₦ 100
No. of Words: 36532
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Downloads: 22

Monica Anderson is an only child and sole heir to her late parent’s wealth. She lived happily and everything was perfect in her well ordered world until she met and married Jeff Anderson, a man she met online. A month into their marriage, Monica conceived without her knowing it and Jeff traveled abroad for a one year company training program. After the one year training period, his dead body was returned home, leaving Monica devastated and with no clue as to how her husband was killed. But something else was also not right. When Jeff died, Monica’s properties disappeared and her bank accounts closed accept one that was solely in her name. The police suspected her of being behind the death of her husband and made moves to arrest her. With the hopes of starting a fresh and with the help of friends and some strangers, she and her 3 months old son, JJ, escaped to William Island, an artificial Island constructed outside of Lagos but still, her past caught up with her. While at the Island, she came in contact with a millionaire disguised as a bush man. She innocently fell in love with him. Little did she know the role he has played and will continue to play in her life.
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