10 businesses you can start without money
By Jackz Joseph

About this book

HOW TO MAKE YOUR FIRST N100K IN 30 DAYS - WITHOUT EXPERIENCE OR START UP CAPAITAL Allow me show you 10 Businesses you can start up and make over N 100k per month. My name is Jackz Joseph I'm the C.E.O and founder of I finished my Nysc in December 2017 and got into the labor market in January 2108, I got my C.V ready and started applying to almost every available opportunity I could lay my hands on. Well long story cut short, after over 6 months of applying for jobs, I got tired and decided to take my destiny in my own hands. I decided to start up a business, but I had a Challenge; I didn't have money to start. So I started researching, looking for businesses I could start without money. I found over 100 businesses, but majority were not for Nigerians, others were ponzi schemes or network marketing. I didn't want that. I wanted businesses that were: LEGIT WITH LITTLE OR NO START UP CAPITAL. Finally I was able to find 10 Legit Business that required no Start up capital. Yes you read that right, I didn't need a dime to. So I started some of these businesses and in less than a month I started making profits. This is 2020 and we've pushed past the 100k per month margin and we're looking at 6 six figures next. So I have put together a STEP BY STEP GUIDE OF HOW I STARTED THESE BUSINESSES WITHOUT MONEY AND HOW ANYONE WITHOUT EXPERIENCE CAN START MAKING MONEY. If you are looking for: legitimate ways of making money An extra source of income A side business to start Or want to start up a new career, this Book is for you. The Sweetest part of the story is: I made more money in 2020 than I've ever made in my life. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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