51 things every nigerian woman should know about the law on marri
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51 Things every Nigerian woman should know about the Law on Marriage and Divorce. -My family says I can't marry him because we are related. What can I do under the law? - My husband has not touched me for two years. What can I do under the law? - I think I want to divorce him. What should I do? - How can I obtain the custody of our children after our divorce? - If I have custody,will my husband still support me in training the children? These are a few of the numerous questions women ask and we have answered a good number of those frequently asked questions in this book. A handbook for women on what they should know about Nigerian Laws in respect of their rights and obligations arising from getting married, staying married and getting a divorce. This is for every single, married and divorced woman in Nigeria. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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