50 secrets to pass your jamb
By Buchi .E. Chukwuma

About this book

Understand what JAMB may not be telling you. This book gives you those 50 tips you many not find online and may not be told by someone. Reading this gives you classified advantage. There is one thing dearly needed by everyone, tips. When you do not have tips, you are not strong enough for certain upcoming events. "50 Secrets to Pass your JAMB" is not an educational magic, it is a dynamic and readily tested method of which when known and followed, successful examination is a realisation. Examination students need to know so many things before sitting for their respective exams. This book covers it all. Reading this book: 1. Makes you physically and mentally prepared for examinations, not only JAMB, but any other examination. 2. Know mistakes from others and learn to avoid yours immediately. 3. 50 inspirational quotes, properly selected as encouragement that will boost your confidence and you anticipate for JAMB. JAMB still remains as the influential Bridge between university and an ordinary person. understand the secrets, tips and be aware of it. You need to Read this. Read through it patiently please. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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