5ms of ministry
By Pastor Segun Obadje

About this book

Do you want to move your ministry to the next level? Are you tired of not getting the desired results that your heart craves for? Do you want to know the ancient biblical secrets of taking your ministry a notch higher? Do you care to avoid the common pitfalls that older ministers fell into that hampered their ministries? Do you desire effectiveness in ministry that precipitates uncommon success? Do you want to know the vital elements of ministry that make for exploits and skyscraping success? The 5Ms of Ministry by Pastor Segun Obadje (PhD) is the ministry material with the contents to answer your long-standing questions about ministry and equip you with the technical know-how as to ministry ethics, leadership in ministry, communication skills, the vital elements of ministry, etc. Welcome to a world of endless ministry possibilities and realities as you read this book. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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