a slice of heaven
By Sophia Bernard

About this book

"Home is where you're loved, content and fulfilled." * * For Saz, home is the city he spent most of his life in, so when a devastating fire incident forces him to return to his late father's hometown to sell his business, he intended to do just that and get back to the place he always felt at home. But he meets the proprietor of A Slice Of Heaven, and she's every bit as tempting and sweet as her pastries, and all the things he never knew he wanted. While he's overwhelmed with his feelings for Anya, he comes in contact with a nine year old boy suffering the same abuse he did when he was a boy living with his father and step-mother. Can he find the courage to save this boy, let go of the past that haunts him, and let himself be happy with this amazing woman? * * For Anya, the handsome boy she once had a crush on as a girl is now a hot and sexy man, and finally hers to taste and enjoy. And it's all fun and pleasure until she falls in love with him, and is once again faced with losing another man she loves. Not to death this time, but to the other woman in his life. * * A Slice Of Heaven is another Magic Romance Small-town Series, and in this one the drama comes with the proverbial other woman, a little boy's happiness and a man and woman shoving off the obstacles in their way, to get a delicious taste of heaven. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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