a beginner's guide on how to bet safely on bet9ja
By Asuquo Anthony

About this book

Do you enjoy betting on sports? Have you heard of Bet9ja and wondered how to get an account, bet and win? Do you want to make sure your account and money is safe? Millions of Nigerians around the country like to gamble. For many it is just a way of relaxing or having fun, while for others it is more serious. For a small minority, it is treated as a business or occupation where huge amounts of money can be made. Most gamblers want the knowledge that they are betting safely however, and with A Beginners Guide on How to Bet Safely on Bet9ja you can learn how to do this with chapters on: • The Reasons Why Your Bet9ja Ticket May Likely Cut: Frankly speaking, you can agree with me that it’s so disheartening after placing a bet on Bet9ja and expecting your predictions to be right only to discover that a game or two had your ticket cut. In this chapter you shall know why. • Secrets Of Preventing Your Bet9ja Ticket From Cutting: Sincerely speaking, there are secrets of preventing your Bet9ja ticket from cutting. Unfortunately, these secrets can't be found anywhere, not even online unless you get advice from a professional punter or you buy an e-book like this very one. • Common Betting Scams That You Might Likely Fall Into And How To Avoid Them: It’s never anyone’s portion to be a victim of a betting scam but unfortunately any of us can fall into one. I have been a victim of such in the past and that’s why this chapter aims at addressing them for you as well as providing you with in-depth tips on avoiding them. • Betting Markets You Should Choose For Regular Profits: This chapter aims at giving you an insight on the betting markets that are likely to give you more returns on your bets placed. • How To Cash Out On Bet9ja: Having placed your bet on Bet9ja, there is the possibility of you being nervous that you might lose your money due to the unexpected performance of the final game in your Bet9ja ticket. In this chapter, you shall know just what to do so as to prevent you from losing all your hard-earned money to Bet9ja. • And lots more as I feed your mind with breathtaking stories from my experience and practical examples to guide you. Gambling can be a great way to relax and sometimes make a bit of money on the side. With this book you can now do so with complete trust that you know exactly how the Bet9ja site works and avoid many of the pitfalls that some encounter. Get a copy now to ensure you bet safely on Bet9ja! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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