a constellation of cravings
By Oluwaseun Alele

About this book

Colourful, poignant and straight to the heart; 'A constellation of cravings' is a kaleidoscopic collection that muses on what should be relative to what is. The Muse for each poem washes over you in a warm way, it doesn't leave you passive, the idea is that you take action. The collection muses on the past and present and proffers a think-tank through which these thoughts can be ready for the future. It is not every time you find poems that inspire a change - a change of heart, a change of position or one that foretells the damaging nature of our actions and inactions without getting judgmental and moody. 'A constellation of Cravings' is just that. It will leave you craving the balance of power and love; love of mother nature, of country and of family. The love that Trumps all. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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