a dance with destiny (heritage series book 1)
By Osar Adeyemi

About this book

Aleena has earned her spot in the corporate world and proven she’s not just the boss’s daughter. She’s also in a relationship with hotshot cardiologist, Tosin Adelaja, and her life appears very much on course. But she’s chagrined that the memory of the callous words she had overheard from Jayden Idris, her father’s godson, several years earlier still had the power to haunt her. Jayden’s opinion had dented her confidence and she had made a promise to herself never to let him close to her. But life seems to have different plans for her, and in the circles she moves in, Jayden is not someone she can really avoid. When Tosin’s simmering resentment against her family’s social status becomes a recurrent battle, Aleena is prepared to fight for their relationship. Will Aleena be able to convince Tosin to let go of his inhibitions, and can she fight the forces that seem bent on throwing Jayden and her together? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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