a deal with the devil
By Nkechi Ajogwu

About this book

You want a deal with the devil? One thing, he never negotiates. Another, you are forever in debts. 'What do you want?' He finally asked as he extinguished his cigarette and dumped it carelessly on the ash tray. She moistened her lips, trying to look relaxed and confident which was the exact opposite of what she was feeling. 'Money.' 'What?' 'I need money sir and I'll do anything for you in return.' 'Anything.' He said with a gleam in his eyes that sent shivers down her spine. 'Even if it means marrying me?' Her jaws fell, there was no way she was going to marry someone old enough to be her father. She wanted to tell him to kiss her arse but the image of her brother laying on the verge of death with a ransom to his head had her saying. 'Anything you wish sir.' 'Done, deal.' Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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