a fatal love {sequel to 'the sugar mum'}
By Love Toread

About this book

Alex has a good job and a good wife. Everything looks great, but a secret thing he has done in the past with Steph, the daughter of his employer disturbs and troubles him. Alex gets suspended from work. His loving wife parks out of his house. At the peak of these troubles, he meets Lara, an old friend back in their National Youth Service year. Alex falls into the passionate snares of Lara, and gets choked up. Steph and her friends must teach Alex a 'lesson'. He finds himself struggling to survive a terrible affliction. He has been found guilty of ' fatal love' and is at the point of death. This is the concluding part of 'The Sugar Mum'. It is a gripping, fascinating story that must not be missed. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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