a glimpse of sunray
By Olasehinde Babatunde

About this book

A Glimpse Of Sunray captures for us the life journey of an eleven-year-old boy, Tayo, who struggles with depression as he copes with the grief over losing his beloved dad. Tayo is fortunate in having the love and care of his devoted mother, who is likewise grieving the loss of her husband. Together they manage to move forward in their lives. Tayo does his best to look after his mom and ensure their daily mutual survival. She encourages and empowers him to continue his education – through primary and secondary forms – and eventually university. While both of them experience accomplishments and victories along the way, they encounter recurring bouts of depression and grieving over their mutual loss. Yet their persistence and perseverance enables them to achieve victory by the end of the story. Olasehinde presents Tayo’s odyssey in first-person singular narrative throughout the book. This enables the reader to emotionally identify with the various peaks and valleys of his maturing as a young man. For readers who have ever experienced the loss of a loved one and the subsequent grieving and/or depression, Olasehinde’s treatment of the ways Tayo and his mom cope with the set-backs, challenges and victories offer a lesson about the resilience of human nature in facing the darkness and light that are part of everyone’s life. Olasehinde masterfully incorporates rich anecdotal material about how Tayo, his mom, and other characters respond to the positive and negative situations they encounter. For example, Tayo’s responses to the stresses of his grade-level proficiency exams, winning an inter-school competition, orientation to university life, and his mixed experiences of his teaching jobs – are believable and engaging to the reader. Overall, this novel is a story of hope – a realistic progression from uncertainty and darkness to resolution and triumph. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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