a journey so uncertain
By Joe Akagu

About this book

He was iconic, he was brave and brilliant, his name, Chidubem (God Lead Me). Not many in Adonija were as privileged as he was. Born to a disciplined family of three and lived in a neighbourhood that was contented with the little they had, his character was majestically formed. Strong, dedicated and focused. A kind hardly found in his time. When others struggled and scampered for some more, he never did. The incessant strikes embarked upon by the academic union did not help matters either. On one of such occasions, he decided to take a trip to capital. On his way back, he witnessed many untold stories which he believed were the nucleus of his country’s problems and was left with the burden of how to make things right at a time when every other person didn’t see anything wrong. On a mission to make things right, he met good friends and lost a chunk of them too. But the question remained, “Did he succeed?”... A Journey So Uncertain. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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