a little thing called fate
By Somto Emmanuel

About this book

Kene’s interest in the fashion world came alive after her aunt made a nonchalant comment about it. In that interest underlies naivety, and cluelessness on how to go about it, but not without birthing fantasies. Little did she know that her fantasy about conquering the fashion world is in line with her fate, and all she has to do is overcome the endless obstacles which keep showing up with her faith. Finally meeting Zimuzor, a guy she once resents for giving her a nonchalant attitude, but might be her ticket to climbing that ladder of success in her career. How will she handle this sudden but unexpected turn of event? What about her feelings for him? Will she keep it in check or will she allow it to run wild? In this adventurous story spiced with romance, find out what happens when fantasy and fate meets fate, and how the universe helps overcome every obstacle. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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