a woman and half: 100 affirmations for the woman who wants to be

About this book

Did you know? •85% of women opt-out of Important life events because they feel uncomfortable with the way they look •50% of women have low self-esteem (Dove Global Beauty and confidence report) •Women only apply for a job or promotion when they meet 100% of the requirements, while men apply when they meet 60% (HP Internal report) •Women underestimate both their abilities and their performance (Cornel University study) This is telling... Because many women do not feel ‘deserving’. They are burdened with likeability and acceptance. The Imposter syndrome is real! That is where Affirmations come in. Affirmations are not a feel good, fake it to make it mantra. Rather it is giving yourself permission to move your life in the direction of your most positive thoughts, expressed in clear concise words. Affirmations combine the psychology of transformational reasoning with the power of the spoken word. Woman, rise and reclaim your life with the Power of your own words. They lied when they said; ‘Talk is cheap’. Your words are significant. And your Talk is NOT cheap. When you Affirm Yourself. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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