african ideologies, business and peace-building
By Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu

About this book

Peace is a necessary commodity for the growth, development and sustenance of any business that is worth its name. The implication of this statement is that the absence of peace is a threat, to a greater extent, to any business initiative. In the words of V. A. O. Adetula, “conflicts have the capacity to severely constrain development endeavours by destroying infrastructure, interrupting the production process and diverting resources away from productive uses.” 1 Experience has shown that conflicts and wars have the capacity to hinder economic progress and development. As a continent, African nations have had their own share of experience of wars and violent conflicts. In the horn of Africa for example, civil wars in the 1980s and 1990s hindered development by affecting not only state structures but also other sectors … According to a World Bank report, resources diverted by conflict away from development use are estimated at $1 billion a year in Centra African and more than $800 million in West African. 2 With the above in mind and also taking into cognizance the negative effects of conflicts, the Association for the Promotion of African Studies (APAS) in her 2020 International Conference (10 – 11 June, 2020) gathered scholars within and outside the shores of Africa to brainstorm on the importance and value of peace to nation building with the theme: African Ideologies, Human Security and Peacebuilding. The book in your hands is part of the fruits of the conference. The authors, as seasoned and very sound African scholars, took a look at the place of African ideologies in promoting business and economic development in an atmosphere of peace and order. The twelve chapters of this book are well articulated and as such, can best be described as first-class material in promoting peace and business in Africa. Peace, no doubt, is a condictio sine qua non for growth, development and sustenance of business enterprises in Africa. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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