african indegenous knowledge systems: problems and perspectives
By Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu

About this book

Indigenous peoples' cultures and their respective knowledge systems have been largely misunderstood or even dismissed by development planning experts in the past. They are regarded sometimes as irrelevant, fetish and nonsensical. However, many scientific and social researchers associated with the formulation of development assistance policies are now beginning to recognize the positive role that indigenous peoples and their knowledge of the ecosystem, can play in the success of development projects and policies. It is reasonable to assume, that important global development assistance activities including; local participation, capacity-building and sustainable resource management - can be enhanced in cost-effective programs and strategies which understand and work with indigenous knowledge and indigenous decision-making systems. With above in mind, Africa may be an ideal continent to learn about and begin seriously integrating indigenous knowledge with development planning techniques. This book in your hands provides a context for members of the Association for the Promotion of African Studies (APAS) to study and unveil the dimensions of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and thus make them available to you (the reader) and especially the policy makers and development planning experts. The book is packed-full with well-researched works from the desks of African scholars. It is hoped that the various chapters in this book will provide the needed paradigm shift for proper integration, internalization and pragmatic applications of various systems of African Indigenous Knowledge. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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