after the storm!
By Osar Adeyemi

About this book

Attractive business mogul, Akeem Kadiri, has just one belief — confidence in himself and his ability to make things happen. His principle had worked for him over the years, and he had no reason to change it. When he meets Yemi, his life appears even more picture-perfect until a costly decision results in his carefully planned life spiralling out of control. Yemi is completely swept off her feet when she meets Akeem during her holidays in the U.K. Despite the differences in their family backgrounds, Yemi feels secure in Akeem’s love for her until events happen that shake her to her very core. Can their love for each other withstand the consequences of their actions? Or will they find it easier to let things take their natural course? ‘After The Storm’ is a story of love, heartbreak, difficult choices and ultimately finding the greatest love of all. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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