By Miryamah

About this book

Miriam, a half-French, half-Nigerian woman is arranged to marry into one of the elite royal families of northern Nigeria. An ambitious woman in her prime, Miriam is set to become a fashion designer and in the long run, take her fashion line to the biggest and most expensive fashion shows. Marriage was the last thing on her mind. And just when she decided to give this man a chance, he instantly gets married to another royalty. Will she get over this and eventually be with him? Or will she opt out. His highness the crowned prince has been a single father for a long time and apart from searching for someone to shower his princess with motherly love, his heart yearns for nothing but to drown that woman with all the love that's left inside of him. Alkyabba takes you on a journey of interracial marriage, racism, discrimination, marriage and most importantly love. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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