all the women i ever dated - nysc chronicles
By Wayward Pikin

About this book

"Women don't know what they want. They want you when you're a bad boy, when you're emotionally unavailable, when you are sassy and insensitive, they complain and complain and nag and nag about how you don't really care about them. When you do change for them, when you give in to your emotions, when you show them how much you really love and care about them, when they are certain that you are in love with them, that's when the attitude starts." - Wayward Pikin ************************************************ A series of failed relationships have left Wayward Pikin disillusioned, bitter and broken. He is an empty shell, a ghost of his former self. But when he is posted to Lagos state in service to his country as a National Youth Service Corps member, a series of events conspire to set him on the path of true healing and redemption... or was it the other thing? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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