all business
By Sophia Bernard

About this book

Ima loves her life just the way it is and has no plan of changing it anytime soon. But fate - or is it Cupid? - has a different plan, and she finds herself the new PA to the workaholic slave driver Director, Tekena Cookey. And the impossible man dares order her not to succumb to the illusion of finding him attractive on her first day. As if she would! But attraction, lust, and maybe love, happen and life at the offices of Pacific Edge Group goes from strictly business to kissing interludes and getaway weekends. It should be paradise, but Ima is worried she might just be another conquest on her boss's bed. For Tekena Cookey, finding his curvy and attractive personal assistant irresistible is like sliding into a mire. A scary mire because he doesn't just want a roll in the sack. *** ALL BUSINESS... #1 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy. Once it was strictly business, now it was irresistible pleasure. But what next? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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