alto in the larynx of lake
By Martins, Tomisin Olusola

About this book

MARTINS Tomisin Olusola in his Alto in the Larynx of Lake writes with so much credibility that you doubt that this is indeed his first poetry collection. The book covers poignant themes of politics, laziness/hardwork, nature, celebration of life and arts. He dedicates some of the works to poetry, personal life experiences and issues that both excite and provokes him/ you. This work is indeed a gift to true intellectuals who appreciate the deep arts of sublime poetry. Once you are able to unlock the language of the poet which sounds more of Soyinka in diction and Osundaric in thematic preoccupation, you will join the many fans who sing the praise of this budding prodigy. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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