an epistle to the apostles in the marketplace

About this book

This book is a by-product of an intensive, double barrel apostolic ministry executed over the course of nearly two decades. The author, uniquely tutored in the school of the Spirit has been privileged to serve at the pleasure of Heaven’s Great King as an apostle both within the body of Christ and in the marketplace. Drawing upon his intensive obedience and extensive experience, it has pleased the Lord for him to compose a treatise that would address those whose primary call is to serve as apostolic functionaries in the marketplace of the nations. This is because the harvest in the fields of the world is ripe but kingdom labourers are not yet rife. It is time for the Lord’s apostles in the marketplace to arise in faith and obedience and put the sickle in! This is not a compendium produced by closeted research. It is a boot-on-the-ground testimony of Jesus Christ about the endless possibilities that abound in embracing and executing God’s kingdom and His righteousness within the gamut of the marketplace. If those who serve the Lord in the marketplace of nations can choose righteousness always, no matter the pressure, it is impossible for them not to win! This book is therefore a clarion call and an apostolic manifesto laden with the Lord’s marching orders to all the Lord’s apostles whose duty posts are in the marketplace of the nations. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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