anchor (preview)
By Shalom Esene

About this book

TOKE OWODE'S mother died when she was five - no big deal, since she has not one memory of the woman anyways. She grew up with her religious fanatic of a FATHER and atheist of an aunt who - more or less, assumed the role of a mother towards her. TOKE makes up her mind not to like her new step family when her FATHER, a pastor at one of the most prestigious churches in Nigeria, Priestly Nation Christian Church Of God gets remarried to AUNTY FRANCESCA, whose ex husband would beat her and, "sleep with her" while her daughter watched and heard and cried, but against her own will she falls in love with her youngest step sister, ANIKA. Maybe because they found the best of common grounds; they both wish their fathers aren't the men they are. When TOKE realizes her roller coaster of a life in Lagos Island and Priestly Nation will never be enough, she leaves - on an impulse, to her GRANDMA'S house on the mainland, leaving everyone behind; SOLO, her long time boyfriend, and ANIKA, who will not make forgiveness easy for her. Maplewood is different from the island. And TOKE has easy plans of her own; go to school, graduate with a good enough result to study some silly course in the university, take care of GRANDMA, fall in love with some easy, super uncomplicated guy. Love is real; Harlequin says so, and she believes. But she meets DIPO, and a lot changes. Her faith, her apathy towards the church, and she feels what she's always despised herself for never feeling with SOLO. When things become even blurrier all too fast; ANIKA comes knocking for a safe haven, DIPO disappears after she, "blatantly tempts him," GRANDMA all of a sudden becomes, "lost" and "gone", and AUNTY KIKE comes home an almost unrecognizable woman, she realizes that maybe all that glitters isn't gold after all. Maybe the grass does look greener from the other side. Maybe life will always be one hell of a roller coaster. And maybe her anchor will come back to her. . . A tale of love, religion, faith, abuse, and one young woman's desperate desire to discover herself in the world. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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