april's fool
By Somto Emmanuel

About this book

Rachel has always considered her life to be envious worthy; a fairy tale world, with a young billionaire husband who loves her, and worships the ground she steps on. It really was. Her life was perfect, and what every young girl dreams and prays for. Even Geraldine, her roommate and best friend can testify that her marriage was a match made in heaven. Not until the 1st of April, being April's fool day. A stupid prank they planned for fun and hilarious sake, ended up unveiling some dirty secrets and skeletons in her husband's cupboard. After the wild discovery, Rachel felt she had been a fool in love in all her three years of marriage, and had been betrayed. Now, how will she handle such an unexpected turn of events in her once perfect marriage? Will she hold back and get revenge? Or will she forgive and move on? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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