aro’mô l’éegun (harbinger of bone pains)
By Muideen Owolabi Bakare

About this book

To help children growing up with sickle cell disease and any other chronic physical illness to cope, I documented my experience of growing up and living with sickle cell disease in Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa in a memoir titled, “Aro’môl’éegun”. “Aro’môl’éegun” records my struggles and triumphs from which resilience and hope could be derived. “Aro’môl’éegun” is a Yoruba word for sickle cell disease, literarily translated to mean “harbinger of bone pains”. Muideen Owolabi Bakare, MBBS, FMCPsych, MNIM Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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