asiri (mystery)
By Damilare 'ASIRI' Osundare

About this book

This is not just a book, it is a guide; a masterpiece, the mind of God and a master plan for any budding STAR. A must-read for everyone. – Oluwatoyin Bayegun (Woli Arole) I’ve known Asiri from school days & can attest to his thirst for greatness. As a person, he is a mystery & combination of different knowledge, wisdom & personalities. That’s why this book comes highly recommended for those that want to discover and understand deep insights about life, success & excellence. If you have an accountability partner, share the mysteries with him/her. – Tobi Delly Author, 25 things you must have done before age 25 & creator of “The Intelligent Self” book series. Simple, yet profound truth captured in this book… a delightful guide full of important information for those of us who want to enjoy a life of impact and meaning. Well done. – Ron Yemi Omotunde Teacher, Entrepreneur, Agriculturist, Mentor (TEAM) This is a very inspiring piece. It deals with issues in the way that great men would like to tell their protégés but not be able to in order to keep a healthy view of their personality. So, it’s performing two functions: Helping the great guys to pass information to the aspiring ones just as it resonates in their minds but can’t be said. Helping the aspiring ones to understand the route to become great and the ways of the great. Good job! – Lekan Adeleye Seeon Relations You will wish you had read this book before now, but you must read it now so you don’t have to wish you had read it earlier, tomorrow. – Ubong King The Trouble Maker

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