attract customers and investors like a magnet
By Ebinabo Ofrey

About this book

I remember when I first forayed into the world of Tech Startups and how I realized quickly that everything I thought I knew about orthodox business was different from how things were in the tech start up world. Having found this out the hard way and realizing that my journey may have been much shorter if someone had guided me on the tenets of launching a successful startup was my inspiration to pen this book. Why should you listen to me? I co-founded a health technology company close to four years ago and it has been featured on BBC World news, won 7 International awards on innovation, received hundreds of thousands of Dollars in Revenue, grants and investments and I have helped other people do the same. I want to make this same thing possible for you. Many of us would like to expand our businesses, Start a business or even just have the assurance that for whatever reason especially in this time if you need to start a business you can not only do it but be able to raise the funds needed in a short period of time. There are millions of dollars available out there right now to fund businesses but the problem is people do not know how to position their businesses to get this money. This book was written to help you do the following: identify opportunities and make products people love, come up with one of a kind business solutions and position yourself for funding.. The truth is that there are two types of people in this world. The first group think they want to be successful but never carry out actions to help them become successful. The second group of people are those that want to be successful and are opened minded enough explore opportunities to decide if it would be the appropriate channel for them to achieve their goal. If you are part of this second group take this journey with me and come out at the other side a different person. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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