baba risi
By Tunde Leye

About this book

Court! Order! The clerk shouted, banging his hand on the well worn exercise book on the table. Only, this clerk was not wearing a suit, he was wearing a colorful Ankara outfit with a sideways matching cap. The room was a medium sized one, with plastic chairs arranged neatly in two sets of four columns, leaving an aisle in the middle. The clerk sat on small wooden chair behind the desk he was banging in the space in front of the room. In the center of the front, an elevated, padded chair was behind a desk not unlike the clerk’s own, but much bigger. This was Baba Risi’s courtroom. See, in this area, we don’t take our disputes to the police or the courts. That’s too long and clumsy, and we really don’t understand all the grammars those people speak. Baba Risi is the chairman of the boys in the area and his court is where we settle everything. Matters are decided promptly, we understand what is being said and God help you if you disobey the judgments. Awon boys will deal with you ruthlessly. So we trust Baba Risi to deliver and he has been doing that for twenty years in our community now. Enjoy the adventures and activities of Baba Risi's court! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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