band 9
By Effiko

About this book

Wondering where to get comprehensive and up to date information on the IELTS and how to ace the examination? Your search ends here! Band 9 brings you detailed, up to date and easy to read information on all you need to know and do to get a perfect score on the IELTS examination. It is written for all audiences with a bias for the Nigerian audience, especially with Chapter one that answers every question a potential test taker in Nigeria may have about the IELTS. It also points you to further resources on speed reading, which you need to improve your chances of hitting the band 9 score. Find out how to approach each question in the 4 sections of the exam - Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. Get access to our professional and expert reviews of the best prep books in the world and the best combination of prep books for you and the effiko verified prep centers in Nigeria. This will be the best book you will read for the IELTS examination. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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