banking on love
By Lillian Ezak

About this book

JUST RELEASED: The Perfect Blend Of Corporate Intrigue & Sexy, Office Romance. Banking On Love’ is a contemporary romance story set in the world of finance, that explores the convergence of two highly ambitious, yet opposing figures. Temi Chikwelu was the not - so - typical girl next door. A stickler for rules and order, and living out her days as an accountant with a non-existent love life, thanks to a romantically traumatic past. Bassey Essien is the budding CEO of a financial firm, The Essien Financial Group. Newly retired from a life of bimbo chasing, booze drinking and all the other trappings of a trust fund, frat boy, "Calabar Demon" life, he soon realizes that he may not be able to fill his father’s large, formidable shoes as the head of the company, when he discovers an embezzlement scheme being run by some of his employees right under his nose. He is particularly perturbed when it is brought to his attention by a first floor accounting analyst, going by the name of Temi Chikwelu. A young woman who is not afraid to call him out on his lazy and lackadaisical behavior. Not wanting to show any signs of his inability to handle in-house company issues by going to the authorities or his father, he has no other choice but to enlist Temi’s help to solve the problem and ultimately sass out the real crooks. This ultimately leads to the surprising discovery of many things, the most key of all being the fact that both their hearts are open and ready to be filled with the love of the right person. Can he steady the ship and hold onto the reins in light of the ongoing crisis? Will she open herself up to the possibility of a hot new romance? Or is she just getting her hopes up as usual... Download your copy today! and find out. P.S. Don't forget to drop a review if you enjoyed it. DONT FORGET TO CHECKOUT OTHER BOOKS IN THE BADCREATIVE STABLE ***** GET MONEY AND BOOST YOUR INCOME SOURCES ***** Zon Master: How to Generate Passive Incomes With KDP + MBA by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra KINDLE BLAZIN: How To Go From $0 Income To Earning Passively With Amazon KDP by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra T-BLAZIN: How To Go From Tier 10 To Tier 500 On Merch By Amazon by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra ***** ENJOY A RELIGIOUS THRILL RIDE ***** Beyond The Bargain by Chimdi Michael ***** FOR THE MEDICALLY INCLINED ***** Managing Complications In Anaesthesia And Critical Care (Mocia) by Prof. Stella A. Eguma and Dr. Atoshi S. Ganny ***** LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES ***** Capitalist Modernization: The First World's Development Paradigm (LEADISM Book 1) by Asirra Eguma Phd. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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