be your own manager
By Kingwax oluwadamilare

About this book

BECOME YOUR OWN MANAGER is a comprehensive guide to succeed in managing your own GARRI PROCESSING FACTORY. This is based on years of practicable experience and rigorous training by the Author. With this manual, you can also contact the Author directly for free consultation anytime! The book is a 48 paged document that contains what you need to become your manager without an extra hand. Even if you must have an extra hand, you need to understand exactly how this works. The contents include: • setting up your factory (reducing costs of production) • environmental factors • let’s get the machines (with prices) • major types of GARRI and their processes of production • know your cassava tubers (how to spot the best) • choose your staff/manager • peeling and washing • grating and the grating area • fermenting and pressing • frying and other processes • bagging and storage • marketing and sales • basic production of cassava flour • contact your local fabricator with a voucher for discount Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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