beautiful faults (full version)
By Penangel

About this book

When renowned gynecologist, Harry O’Neil, was involved in an accident that took away the best of things that mattered most to him, he willed himself away from light. When June Sandler moved to the big city, she had big dreams, but when she returned to their small town five years later, she returned as a shadow of her old self, only with a certificate and nightmare that haunts her both day and night. These two brilliant yet scarred souls were brought together by fate when June was hired to nurse Harry. How can one heal the other when they both need healing? Can two wrongs make a right? Will these two ever have a place among the stars? An intriguing, uncommon and unusual love story at no sight. N.B: The preview for this book is available on the app, you can check it out before reading this full version. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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