beauty for ashes
By Ouwatoyin A Olojo

About this book

Beauty for ashes captures within it a revolution that secures the future of the church; for in the last days, the mountain of Lord's house shall be exalted and all the nations shall flow into it. This is a surge within the great awakening, the revival that'll cover for not just the spiritual dimension of men but their souls also. In search of healing for a sore soul? Encounter mercy and truth within the pages of Beauty for Ashes. - Babalola Timilehin, Minstrel and Leader, Household of God (aka. Builder’s Network) • This is an absolutely timely message of hope, with which the author reveals to us the mind of God for a time as this, all in a Storytelling format. You think you need healing from your past? Then, Beauty for ashes is the right tonic solely prepared for you, to take you on a step by step guide till you become victorious over the monster called "Past". - Awoniyi Ayooluwa, Ibadan, Nigeria. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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