behind closed doors (forbidden #1)
By Kingsley Adrian Banks

About this book

From one of the biggest and most influential families in Lagos, Henry Johnson is already assured of a bright future. He knows what he wants – and he always makes sure he gets what he wants. He is wanted by everyone. But, deep down, he yearns for love, the type a woman cannot provide, the type he thinks of only in the dark. Phoenix has always been an outsider, desperate to be accepted and to become a movie star. Despite his great beauty, he finds breaking into Nollywood as an actor an impossible move because he's feminine. But he has guts, and he will do anything to succeed, Henry and Phoenix's destinies cross as Phoenix begin his shocking rise to stardom, and they are on a collision course to ruin in Nigeria's fastest, most seductive city. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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