being single: challenges and way out
By Becky Olorunpomi

About this book

Delay in getting married, just like any other delay in life, can be very heart ripping and hope drenching especially in this part of the world where singles are faced with so much pressure from every corner to get married. Some, if not many, have taken wrong steps based on this. Being Single: Challenges And Way Out is therefore an expository and informative book with both Biblical and contemporary references in highlighting most of these challenges and how best to handle them. The book gives hope, encouragement and reinforces the need to have unwavering faith that no matter how uncertain the path of a single person might look NOW, God has a plan for him or her life far beyond anything that could ever be imagined. The book is not only for the singles, but also for the married and everyone. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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