bewitching amaka
By Lillian Ezak

About this book

A young woman is widowed at a young age because her husband was killed during a xenophobic civil war. Not really having any other family or friends to speak of, she has decided to hire herself out as a companion to older women. Basically a glorified secretary or personal assistant. While on a trip to the Calabar Obudu Riviera with her employer, she comes in contact with a dark and mysterious widower, a former military officer, by the name of Asari Ekong, who is very rich and all of the rich, older ladies want to nab him. But he comes to only have eyes for her. They begin to spend time together, and when it comes time for her to leave with her employer, he offers to marry her and take her back to his estate so they never have to be apart. A little unsure of marrying someone so soon that she is not sure she really loves yet, she is a bit apprehensive at first, but ultimately accepts. Believing that the love part of her feelings will follow in time. They return to his grand estate and she finds that she is in for quite a bit more than she bargained for. Will she be able to overcome these new challenges and preserve the love that she feels is blossoming between them? Or will she find that she made her bed too swiftly and now she must live or die by the consequences? Download your copy today! and find out. P.S. Don't forget to drop a review if you enjoyed it. DONT FORGET TO CHECKOUT OTHER BOOKS IN THE BADCREATIVE STABLE ***** GET MONEY AND BOOST YOUR INCOME SOURCES ***** Zon Master: How to Generate Passive Incomes With KDP + MBA by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra KINDLE BLAZIN: How To Go From $0 Income To Earning Passively With Amazon KDP by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra T-BLAZIN: How To Go From Tier 10 To Tier 500 On Merch By Amazon by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra ***** ENJOY A RELIGIOUS THRILL RIDE ***** Beyond The Bargain by Chimdi Michael ***** FOR THE MEDICALLY INCLINED ***** Managing Complications In Anaesthesia And Critical Care (Mocia) by Prof. Stella A. Eguma and Dr. Atoshi S. Ganny ***** LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES ***** Capitalist Modernization: The First World's Development Paradigm (LEADISM Book 1) by Asirra Eguma Phd. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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