beyond the bargain
By Chimdi Chuka Okosa

About this book

A child’s faith, a woman’s grief, and a man’s search for an heir. Lolo Nwakaego is a woman who had everything but what mattered most in a pre-colonial, pre-christian society, a male child. Her three daughters Uzo, Azuka, and Bunwa, however pleasant, are unable to lessen the social stigma suffered by her high-status husband. Maazi Osondu, a prolific fisherman and well to do member of the Umunta community, feels at loss with his peers without a male child to inherit his fortunes, and looks to take another wife to remedy this. Faced with the prospect of a failing marriage, Lolo looks to the world of the supernatural for help and is eventually granted her wish. Or is she? When the fortunes of the family begin to change for the worse, Lolo and her family must do battle with a malevolent supernatural force that seeks to cash in on a Faustian bargain. A gripping yet delightful tale of a family torn between two lifetimes of wealth and desolation, Beyond The Bargain will challenge you with the timelessness of the gospel and the healing love of the Savior, which spans centuries and transcends all trials and tribulations of evil. From Amazon best-selling Christian thriller author Chimdi Michael comes another page-turner keeping readers up way past their bedtime. Beyond The Bargain is a non-stop Christian supernatural suspense thrill ride, with memorable characters you will love and a world you will not easily comprehend. DONT FORGET TO CHECKOUT OTHER BOOKS IN THE BADCREATIVE STABLE ***** GET MONEY AND BOOST YOUR INCOME SOURCES ***** Zon Master: How to Generate Passive Incomes With KDP + MBA by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra KINDLE BLAZIN: How To Go From $0 Income To Earning Passively With Amazon KDP by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra T-BLAZIN: How To Go From Tier 10 To Tier 500 On Merch By Amazon by TShirtLifeStyle Sirra ***** SPARK UP YOUR LIFE WITH SOME ROMANCE ***** Banking On Love by Lillian Ezak ***** FOR THE MEDICALLY INCLINED ***** Managing Complications In Anaesthesia And Critical Care (Mocia) by Prof. Stella A. Eguma and Dr. Atoshi S. Ganny ***** LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES ***** Capitalist Modernization: The First World's Development Paradigm (LEADISM Book 1) by Asirra Eguma Phd. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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