biblical & strategic prayers to fulfill destiny_vol 1 (free)
By Taiwo Balogun

About this book

BIBLICAL & STRATEGIC PRAYERS TO FULFILL DESTINY (Volume 1) A 21-Day Personal Prayer and Fasting Programme; scripturally and revelationally designed to help you fulfill your God-ordained destiny on planet earth. This book is not just a prayer book. It's a book that addresses one of the life-transforming and sensitive subjects - DESTINY. Learn how to move your life and destiny into the realm of fulfillment within 21 days! The purpose of this book is to fill in the gap between destiny (and) fulfillment even in the spiritual realm with immediate effect in the physical. Praying Biblical and Strategic Prayers to fulfill your God’s blueprint for your life is a requirement in the school of success. And answering such prayers is God’s specialty! God bless you more abundantly as you read... Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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