big 'c' chronicles: echoes from the 7th dimension
By Chukwudi Madu

About this book

As 2015 slowly draws closer, a new twist pops into the already complex political equation in Nigeria. Dr. Alfred Mgbidi expresses his intention to run for the highest office in one of Africa’s giant nations, the presidency. The problem however is that Mgbidi is an extra-mortal and his ambition contravenes the ‘La exposicion no pacto’, a pact entered into by all extra-mortals. Mgbidi’s ambition is a threat to humans and extra-mortals alike, his plan meets stiff resistance from most other extra-mortals, as well as a human - Michael, a clergy man who stands as a major opposition to Mgbidi and every other thing that is wrong. Convinced that he had been giving a divine revelation and mandate to avert the apocalypse Mgbidi personifies, Michael takes a stand to uphold his faith. Set in the intriguing socio-political climate of Nigeria, subterfuge is rife as men and extra-mortals all seem to have hidden agenda. The battle for the soul of the earth is on.

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