bitter perceptions
By Tami Okoro Dedeh

About this book

Everything changes the night Doris is raped. Rumours quickly spread, and the once-popular girl on campus is disgraced. Forced to keep quiet about her ordeal, Doris suffers in silence, and her once-perfect life gradually falls to tatters. Why her? ⠀ Why is Jide determined to destroy Doris after their heated confrontation at the campus Millennium party? The slouthful ne'er-do-well from the wrong side of the tracks detests the Medicine student/part-time model with every fibre of his being, and relishes his newfound jubilation after the deed is done, but actions have consequences. Past mistakes are about to catch up with him, but that's just the beginning. How does Doris hold up after her dehumanising experience? Will tragedy eventually blossom into victory, or does inner turmoil consume her forever? And does Jide eventually show remorse, or does he escape scot free? Tami Okoro Dedeh's second edition of her debut novel is a gripping story of ambition, jealousy, and betrayal. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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