bizarre entanglement (full book)
By Nky Omeka

About this book

Trapped in an unhappy home, Ronke Adegoke is forced to agree to Folarin’s proposal of marriage. She sees it as her only chance to escape her rich and abusive parents. It turns out Folarin also has a violent uncontrolled temper. Wedding date is set; she can’t back out now even if she wants to. She’ll have to live the rest of her life married to a billionaire abusive husband. Brasin Kromor agrees to take a bizarre job and comes face to face with the beautiful, timid and vulnerable Ronke Adegoke. He wants her to be his and it looks like she feels the same way too. Can he save her from what is about to befall her? Why do her eyes seem to be hiding so many secrets? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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