black maria: book one
By Larry Sun

About this book

Peter Black was an orphan of storm; at ten years old he had lost his parents and he was left to fend for himself. A mortal enemy, Chief Salami, had caused the deaths of his two parents but he was too young to fight the rich man. he had to plan his strategy, and there was only one way to gather his weapons. Most importantly, he had to survive first, for corpses don't take revenge. Other external forces like diseases and violence threatened to rid him of his existence, but Peter must fight on. As he met the evil people, he encountered the good ones, too. He ended up becoming a thief to survive in the harsh atmosphere of life; his shameful avocation heightened by the callous disposition of men who refused to help him; they rather tortured him and attempted to end the little boy’s life. He had to survive in the street by any means possible. Peter became so skilled in this art of thievery that he thought he would never be caught. Ultimately, he met two people who turned his life around, and somehow and everything changed for him. Things didn't exactly turn out as he thought they would. This is an inspiring story of an ordinary boy who did extraordinary things. Not every thief might be a villain; and some saints might be sinners. This 200,000-word page-turner will keep you awake all night long. It is filled with intrigues and sheer ingenuity. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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