blissful summer
By Nky Omeka

About this book

The home she shares with her aunt and baby sister will go up for foreclosure very soon and if that happens, she and her family could end up on the streets. Peyton terribly needs a summer job to help her old aunt out and to save up for college. She encounters the elegant and endearing Shay Hillon and the Hillons invite her to spend the summer in their home. Peyton sees this as a golden opportunity to ask for a job. Then the arrogant and rude Tanner Hillon shows up and it isn’t her intention to fall for him, the problem is she’s a sucker for sexy and attractive guys. They soon discover they have this chemistry but their sizzling romance is under a lot of pressure. What happens when Shay finds out about their relationship? Will Peyton end up being kicked out of the Hillon Mansion and have her dreams of going to college tarnished? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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