bodyshape intelligence for busy professional women
By Areta Nwosu

About this book

Get life-changing appearance-transforming tips worth N100,000 that will attract the right people to you and influence them in your favor for just N600! Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought: This hairstyle makes my face look fat I hate how my makeup makes me look old and tired The color of this blouse makes me look washed out I hate the way this dress looks on me Well, welcome to the club! People always like to look good but not everyone knows how to actually achieve the look they dream about. The knowledge you gain from this book will perform a miracle on those ill-fitting clothes, unflattering hair and unremarkable makeup that you’re desperate to change. If you’re starting out as an actor, singer, a reality TV star, etc., you can learn how to develop a unique style that can be a brand for you. This book will tell you the style, cut and colors of tops, jeans and other trousers, skirts and dresses you should go for. It will also tell you the right makeup, hairstyles, earrings and sunglass or eyeglass frames you should use that suit your own face shape and color and will make you look your best. Who Is This Book For? Models Actors Customer Service Personnel Sales Managers Seamstresses Fashion Designers Busy Mothers Housewives Brides-to-be Teachers Job applicants Students And other busy, stylish women Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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