book production processes: a practical guide
By Odu Adejare Samuel

About this book

Book Production Processes: A Practical Guide is a rare handy material for those involved in book production processes. It is a good text for students of publishing and related fields to meet the dearth of books in the subject. The book covers the concept of the book from the early forms of writing to the digital age. It discusses in detail book production step by step from manuscript to editing, designing, printing, finishing, as in binding. The process of getting a book to the end users is also examined, covering topics such as marketing and copyright. Impressively, the details covered on copyright, piracy, and plagiarism is good for reading not only for students, but all in academics. I strongly recommend the book to students in technical and tertiary institutions, and professionals in the book production processes. It would also be additional material for knowledge as a library collection. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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