boom boom
By Jude Idada

About this book

Osaik is an eight-year-old boy. He is charming and has an unusual ability to hear things no one else hears. His world is thrown into disarray when a debilitating disease takes his mother from him. Despite his grief, he has to find a way of saving his little sister, Eghe, from the same disease. Alongside his dad, and Kompa his dog, they begin a race to get her all the help she needs. It is not an easy one, because at every turn there is a new obstacle to avoid and a new hurdle to climb. In this dramatic, fast paced story of loss, faith and hope, the limits of love, sacrifice, friendship, loyalty and family ties are tested as the struggle to save his sister's life brings Osaik and those around him to a new knowledge of the world they can see, the world they cannot see, and the part of themselves they never knew existed. Illustrated by Chukwudi Nwaefulu Boom Boom is entertaining and educative. Written in a down to earth and child-friendly manner, it is a suspenseful and hilarious narrative that will engage not just children but people of every age. - Halima Wali, chief learning officer, 1 Million Teachers As a sickle cell anaemia warrior myself, this is the book I wish I read as a child. A book that tells our story. It is an enlightening book of hope. It is a must read for children and caregivers too. - Hauwa Audu, sickle cell warrior Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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